Monday, January 17, 2011

Something Yummy Looking

I have a day off, thanks to MLK day. I studied the life of MLK once, and while I really don't respect the choices he made in his personal life, he did do a lot for human rights - plus, he provided me with a day off of work! Thank you MLK.

Today, in honor of MLK I am celebrating the human spirit and exploring blogs! My kids would say I'm stalking, but I figure if these people didn't want others to read their blogs they 1) would not write them or 2) they would make them private. Anyway.. I am constantly amazed at how creative and gifted so many people are and I'm happy they share their talents with others like me.
One blog I stumbled upon this morning is
Bubsies Boutique. It features "handmade gifts for your little one" which I don't have, but the reason I'm sharing the blog is for this delicious sounding recipe she recently posted.

Maybe it's because I'm hungry, but this looks Yummy!

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  1. I agree Mom! But it may be because I'm starving. :)