Monday, October 12, 2009

CAN I just say....
Our home is really quite modest. The cat stinks up the laundry room. The carpet needs replaced (vacuuming might help) and the various flat surfaces in my home would all benefit from a good dusting cloth. But, none of that matters, because - I love being HOME!
I wish I could be at home more. I work a LOT of hours outside of my home. If I were home more my house would be cleaner and "Homey-er".
I was blessed to be at HOME for all the years when my kids were HOME.
Our HOME is virtually empty now. All six kids have moved on. Dave and I enjoy rattling around inside our now empty home, occasionally bumping into each other. Or the dog. Or the cat. But no kids.
Dinners are very quiet and cozy!
But, despite it's quietness and emptiness there is really nowhere I would rather be. Hawaii? Well... maybe! But, I always (eventually!) love "coming HOME"!