Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Unwelcomed Visitors

I have felt a little imposed upon lately.  
Several uninvited guests 
wanted to spend some time with me.  
It really wasn't a convenient time you know,
 with family, work and church responsibilities.  
But, they persisted and eventually made themselves 
very comfortable.
Only problem was, 
they made me very uncomfortable.  
They were so insistent 
on me taking notice of them 
that I finally stayed home from work one day.   
Not to mention the last few sleepless nights 
because of their annoying presence in my life.
What kind of guest could be so rude 
and inconsiderate to their host?  

Let me introduce you...
Group A Streptococcus bacteria
(aka Strep Throat)

But, I won't be bothered by them much longer. 
 A very nice man gave me something 
to help them feel 
a little less welcome. 
In fact, it's going to obliterate them!  
That will teach them a lesson or two!  
Let's see if they want to pay me a visit again!

Monday, January 18, 2010

In a past life . . .
I was Marianne Dashwood

Of course she is a fictional character; I know that, thank you very much.

But,just maybe, I was Jane Austen's inspiration for the character in Sense & Sensibility.

As a young girl I was known to be reckless with my heart and very dramatic.

I was swept away by some very charming boys, who eventually broke my heart.

Fortunately, like Miss Marianne, I grew up, eventually came to my senses and made the more sensible (and all around better) choice -

My own Colonel Brandon (aka - Dave) and we have lived a happy life together ever since.

I love getting caught up in Jane Austen's world.

ps - don't you just love the clothes?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

With the shorter, colder, gray days of winter. . .
comes an amazing (and very annoying) transformation within me.
I go from feeling like this...
to feeling like this...
Trust me, it's not pretty.
My dear Dave has supplied me with this. . .
which is supposed to help the monster disappear, or at the very least stay hidden.
I'm not sure it is working.
All I want is this. . .
Is that really asking too much?

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sabbath Blessings
I taught the Young Women at church today about self-mastery. I loved this quote. I also think I did a pretty awesome job creating this handout for the girls with photoshop. I am just learning how to use it, but I think there is hope! Thanks to Tom Wilson for the beautiful inspiration in the poppies. Life is good!