Monday, December 6, 2010

So, it's been awhile..

I bet you didn't even notice!
I wish I could say I have been to the gym, repeating my last posting's activities.
There is not a lot to report on. And, having a very strong suspicion that my blog goes unread is not much of a motivator to come up with things to write about. That is probably why most blogs eventually fall into the oblivion of cyberspace.
I had an awesome Thanksgiving. Just for the record, I must say it was near perfect! I was quite pleased with myself! I didn't get any pictures, but they would not have done justice to the feast! What I loved most was being home from work for one entire week! I loved it! I loved having the kids home and having my almost-daughter-in-law join us. I realized later that there was not much discussion about things we were grateful for. But with 27 people crammed into my home, we were lucky to just be able to get our food and eat. You can read about many things I am grateful for on my other blog Musings of the Mama B.
Just because I have not written does not mean I have not been thinking. I have been thinking a lot, just trying to organize those thoughts into some kind of coherent form!
Looking forward to the Christmas season!