Friday, February 20, 2009

"I Used to..."  vs. "I'm Going to..."
I've discovered that for me, one of the hardest things about collecting more birthdays, is the tendency of reflecting more on what used to be, rather than looking towards what is going to be. The farther I get down life's path, my  thoughts tend to be more absorbed  by "Used To's" rather than by "Going To's".  
It sounds depressing (and I guess it is!) but I find real hopes and dreams almost impossible to create.  I have become so cynical and hardened by "reality".
I want to change.  I know it's possible to live life with a "Going to" mindset!  I want to figure out how to really do it - not just give lip service to the idea, which is self-defeating and probably worse in the long run.
I used to be thin, fit and energetic.  I used to be creative. I think I used to be happier and prettier. I definitely had a more idealistic and hopeful view of my world.  And then age - and life - happened!
But today I can still be all those things, and more! It might prove to be a little more challenging than it was before all of  life's experiences, but it's not impossible.
It all depends on what I focus on, doesn't it.
I find inspiration in music.  One of my favorite artists is Cherie Call.  In her song "Believe" she suggests - "You don't have to change the world, you might do it anyway!  Believe!"  
It really is all in how I choose to see my world.
So, I'm going to... look into classes at the University, reclaim my Nikon D90, take a walk after work (as the days are getting a little longer - and warmer!), and fill my world and mind with positives.    
Cherie Call reminds me, "Once you see [your cup's] half full, it overflows every time that you Believe"  
I'm feeling better already!
To constantly look backwards gives you a stiff neck - not to mention all the things you miss while you're not paying attention to the road ahead of you. 
Here's to the future!  It's Going To be Great!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Life is amazing.
Not just the miracle of birth - that's only the beginning.
But the complexities, the twists and turns that life  
Custom designs for each of us.
The determination of overcoming great odds.
Of being knocked down, only to get back up again.
The beauty of lasting love and commitment.
The strength of values passing from one generation to another.
Examples of loving service rendered to those in need.
The journey of life, friends you meet, experiences you share,
And the kindness and compassion experienced along the way.
Yeah, there are bad times, dark times too.
Even desperate moments of unshared tears have their value
In some almost unseen way.
Life is short; too fragile to take for granted,
Too complicated to not share,
Too precious to be misunderstood.
So, smile and see the good
Of all that surrounds you
Feel the sweetness of a child's smile,
The warmth of a friend's embrace.
Life is wonderfully

Friday, February 6, 2009

Where's my Crystal Ball?

Extended warranties... Maybe, maybe not.
Buying appliances makes me wish I could see into the future.  
Last month we purchased a new washer and dryer.  Red, front-loaders. Very pretty, kind of pricey.  I had come to terms with the cost... until Mr. Washerman asked if we wanted to buy an extended warranty too. Whoa!  If these machines are so good, I asked him, why doesn't the company stand behind them longer than one year?  He could give me no reason and continued to push the benefits of an extended warranty.  I was ready to walk out of the store and reconsider things when he, thankfully, backed off.  I am not a gambler, but I don't want to spend money on something I am not going to need.  Or will I...
One year and 2.5 months ago I bought a very nice microwave. It died unexpectedly this week.  It had a 1 year warranty. I called GE service and they arranged for a technician to come. The moment Mr. Repairman stepped into my home I owed GE $69.95.  He wiggled some wires, looked at the circuits and, magically, resurrected my microwave. His visit cost me $166.00! Fortunately, no parts were needed.  That was just for his time. He said he gave me a deal on the labor since he did not have to do very much.   Really?!
I just might take Mr. Washerman up on his suggestion of an extended warranty.  It would pay for itself with one simple service call. Unless, of course, my washing machine or dryer never break down!  
Has anyone seen my crystal ball?