Sunday, August 9, 2009

Empty Nests
Do you know that as baby eagles mature, the parent eagles begin stirring up the nest, making it uncomfortable for the eagle babies so they are more eager to leave the nest and try their own wings?
We now find our nest virtually empty, but I don't remember stirring up the nest. All six of the children are gone, off pursuing their own dreams. There is the occasional visitor - Ashley is here this week dog-sitting while I go to girls camp and next week Shelby will come home for a two-week break from college. But, these are temporary visits. For the most part, the days of children living at home under our roof and our regular on-site influence are over.
Our nest became empty a little earlier than originally anticipated. Our youngest daughter is attending a performing arts high school 300 miles away from home. Not yet 16, she has left the nest about 3 years ahead of schedule. Yes, I will miss her, terribly. However, I choose to focus on the opportunities she will have to do the what she loves, instead of all that will be missing without her around. She has been taught well and proven herself capable and mature enough to take this step. I applaud her courage to do it and pray for her success. I am confident she is going to do great!
It's sobering to see my children move on. But it's also exciting to watch them decide to jump out of the nest and try their own wings. Have I taught them everything they need to know? Probably not, but they will learn and I am
certain they will fly! Even eagles don't fly perfectly the first time they decide to jump out of the nest - but give them a little time and they soar! I expect nothing less from my kids!