Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Taming of the Screw

I feel kind of like this egg.
It seems kind of ridiculous that I should feel this way.
I'm sure many people who may be observing me from "the outside" feel I am being ridiculous.
But, the feelings are real. The demands at work are like that screw tightening down against the egg. I am mentally and physically drained. I need to find an effective (and legal!) way to relieve the pressure.
If not I fear I will truly Go Cuckoo!! :)
Any ideas?


  1. I'm the last person to be asking, seeing as I just got treated for hypertension... BUT, I want to help! Don't crack, Internet Kathy, I need you! Take a minute and scream and yell, and punch a pillow or two. I think you're too nice. Can you take an hour and get your toes done? Cute toes always help. Do you need more sleep? And a walk does seem like a good idea too.

    Hang in, please.